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    Czwartek27 dni temu
    21 Czerwiec 2018
    Robert przychodzi do byłej żony. Drzwi otwiera jej siostra Nina, która nie wpuszcza Tadeusiaka. Oznajmia też, że zrobi ... Cały Opis
    Piątek26 dni temu
    22 Czerwiec 2018
    As Luke adjusts to his growing fame and tries to shut down the flow of heroin branded with ... Cały Opis
    Luke tests out his abilities on the ballfield, Misty ruffles feathers at the precinct, and Mariah plans a ... Cały Opis
    Worried Luke is heading down a dark path, Claire pays a visit to his father. Bushmaster makes a ... Cały Opis
    As footage of his fight with Bushmaster goes viral, Luke struggles with the aftereffects and follows a trail ... Cały Opis
    Desperate to drum up quick cash for a lawsuit, Luke weighs an offer from a superfan. Mariah invites ... Cały Opis
    As a wave of violence rocks Harlem, everyone races to connect the dots between Piranha, Mariah, Bushmaster and ... Cały Opis
    Reeling from the showdown on the bridge, Luke teams up with Misty to find Piranha. The hunt for ... Cały Opis
    While Shades, Mariah and Misty come to terms with the previous night's events, Bushmaster searches for a way ... Cały Opis
    Hunkered down in a makeshift safe house, Luke and Misty butt heads over how to handle Mariah. Meanwhile, ... Cały Opis
    Danny Rand insists on helping Luke hunt for Bushmaster -- the Iron Fist way. Mariah sets out to ... Cały Opis
    Shaken by Mariah's latest act, Luke combs the city for a witness. Flashbacks reveal a fateful encounter between ... Cały Opis
    Luke teams up with an unlikely ally to combat a new strain of heroin. As Shades plows ahead ... Cały Opis
    Mariah adapts to her new circumstances and goes to extremes to cover her tracks. Luke takes a new ... Cały Opis