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Impersonalni (2011-2016)  serial

Person of Interest

2013-04-15 00:00:00
2020-05-20 20:24:23
Impersonalni (2011) na IMDB
44 min.
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6.2 (6)
2013-04-15 00:00:00
2020-05-20 20:24:23
Odcinek 13 (sezon 3)
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Reese boards an international flight to get away from his former life, but the Machine makes changes to his itinerary causing him to take another one. Later he is informed of a seat number 4C. Initially Reese is angry at Harold thinking he has made the changes, but Harold convinces him otherwise. Soon turns out the passenger at 4C, a witness being escorted by U.S. Marshals, is the intended target of multiple assassins including the ISA. But later Reese finds out that one of the assassins plans to crash the aircraft and kill all its 130 passengers just to kill 4C. Reese and Harold safely land the plane and save everyone, which is what the Machine planned for. Reese goes on a date with the air hostess who helped him and later tells Harold he wants a new suit and to come back and work again.
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14 stycznia 2014
9 PM
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