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Wybrani (2011) serial | Polecam Film

Wybrani (2011)  serial

Person of Interest

44 min.
David Semel
Plakat z serialu Wybrani (2011) - Polecam Film
Oglądam serial
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6.2 (6)
Odcinek 12 (sezon 3)
W tym odcinku:
This continues from the previous episode where Harold, Shaw and Arthur are held captive by Control for information. Shaw is deemed to be not useful and is about to be killed, when Root comes guns blazing and gets them out of there. But Root is shot and captured by Control. Meanwhile it is revealed that Arthur had made a copy of Samaritan before it was destroyed. He stored it in a bank locker. But as they go to get it, Vigilance comes and Harold locks himself, Arthur and the bank manager in the vault. Shaw gets a bomb ready to get everyone out. Inside the vault Harold reveals to Arthur that The Machine exists and convinces him to destroy Samaritan so that it won't fall into wrong hands. Vigilance breaks through the vault and captures everyone including Shaw, but they are saved by Reese and Lionel. The Machine guides Root to escape from Control after having been tortured. She is later shown in a South East Asian restaurant. Root also calls Harold to tell him that the Samaritan drives are not destroyed because the bank manager was murdered and replaced and she had swapped the drives. Later the "bank manager" is shown handing over the drives to Greer from Decima Technologies who in turn, shoots her through the heart to cover his tracks and he says that he has great plans for Samaritan.
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08 stycznia 2014
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