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Tacy jesteśmy (2016) serial | Polecam Film

Tacy jesteśmy (2016)  serial

This Is Us

Tacy jesteśmy
2017-01-25 10:23:42
45 min.
Plakat z serialu Tacy jesteśmy (2016) - Polecam Film
Plakat z serialu Tacy jesteśmy (2016) - Polecam Film
Plakat z serialu Tacy jesteśmy (2016) - Polecam Film
Plakat z serialu Tacy jesteśmy (2016) - Polecam Film
Oglądam serial
Wolę filmy
5.1 (7)
2017-01-25 10:23:42
Odcinek 3 (sezon 4)
W tym odcinku:
Starting junior high, Randall suffers his first panic attack upon receiving a dress code violation. Kevin forges Rebecca's signature on the slip, and convinces the family to watch Arsenio Hall together to remedy Randall's pop culture deficit. Jack makes a mistake at work; Miguel saves Jack’s job by threatening to quit; Jack pledges to support Miguel whenever needed. In the present, Nicky suffers a setback when his VA therapist is transferred, leading to his vandalism; Nicky may avoid jail time by continuing therapy. Kevin bonds with Cassidy's son Matty in the waiting room. When Kevin takes Nicky to an AA meeting, Cassidy is there; she, Nicky, then Kevin laugh at Kevin's egocentrism. Kate is stunned but ultimately supportive of Toby's fitness. Her new neighbor Gregory's seemingly unreasonable demand about where Toby parks his car is actually critical for Gregory's post-stroke recovery; Kate joins Gregory for a walk. Randall prioritizes his constituents over socializing with other officials. His experienced assistant advises him to fire Jae-won; instead, Randall fires her, embracing his and Jae-won's outsider status. Malik tells Deja about Janelle; Deja confides this to Tess, then Tess admits her unexpected lack of confidence in being “out” at her new school.
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09 października 2019
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