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  (2017)  serial

Lee Toland Krieger
2018-06-20 20:19:53
45 min.
Plakat z serialu Riverdale (2017) - Polecam Film
Oglądam serial
Wolę filmy
6.4 (8)
Odcinek 20 (sezon 2)
Shadow of a Doubt
W tym odcinku:
Betty tells Cheryl that she believes Hal is the Black Hood. Hiram restarts The Red Circle in hopes of causing unrest, and help Hermione's campaign. Moose reveals that Midge was having an affair with Fangs. A body, first thought to be Chic's, is found and Betty reveals she feels guilty for his presumed death. Fangs is arrested at school. Members of The Red Circle damage The Whyte Worm, and Reggie later reveals that Hiram is paying them against each other. Betty and Cheryl visit a room being paid for by Hal and find the same book used as a cipher previously. After the Black Hood attacks the Mayoral debate, Veronica wants her mother to stop running but she insists on continuing. Betty confronts her father, and arranges a meeting with him later. The Black Hood then appears at Cheryl's door. Fangs is released from prison, but is accidentally shot amidst the protesters outside.
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03 maja 2018
03 maja 2018
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