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Legion (2017)  serial

Michael Uppendahl
Plakat z serialu Legion (2017) - Polecam Film
Plakat z serialu Legion (2017) - Polecam Film
Plakat z serialu Legion (2017) - Polecam Film
Plakat z serialu Legion (2017) - Polecam Film
Oglądam serial
Wolę filmy
5.9 (12)
Odcinek 8 (sezon 2)
Chapter 16
W tym odcinku:
Future Syd told Farouk how he could find the driver who took his body to the Mi-Go monks. The now-elderly driver agrees to tell Farouk where his body is in exchange for him placing her mind in a never-ending dream. In the Mainframe, Ptonomy sees how Fukyama was recruited as a teenager to become this machine so that Division 3 could hide secrets in his "mind" from mutant telepaths. He also finds that the monk uploaded some of his memories to the Mainframe, including the location of Farouk's body; it is in Le Désolé, a constantly changing desert. Ptonomy is able to get this information to David through the Vermillion. Putting a plan in motion, David goes to the desert to start looking, with Farouk only a day ahead of him. Syd follows David, and the pair end up trapped by a storm in a tent with the apparent skeletons of their future selves. As part of his plan, David remotely releases Lenny from her cell and telepathically tells Clark to bring the "Choke" to the desert. However, Melanie attacks and restrains Clark first.
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23 maja 2018
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