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Legion (2017)  serial

Michael Uppendahl
Plakat z serialu Legion (2017) - Polecam Film
Plakat z serialu Legion (2017) - Polecam Film
Plakat z serialu Legion (2017) - Polecam Film
Plakat z serialu Legion (2017) - Polecam Film
Oglądam serial
Wolę filmy
5.9 (12)
Odcinek 6 (sezon 1)
Chapter 6
W tym odcinku:
In the shared hallucination, Lenny discusses personal issues with each of the team, such as Melanie's refusal to let go of her long missing husband, and Ptonomy having seen his mother die when he was only a child. Though most of the group are unaware of the true nature of their surroundings, Syd notices that their new reality is different from some of her memories. Lenny confronts Syd, and places her in a coma. Cary is visited by Oliver, who takes him to his home on the astral plane. Kerry goes looking for Cary, but is attacked and chased by the Eye. Oliver appears to Melanie, and leads her to the physical room where their bodies are. Time appears to them to have slowed down, with their physical bodies frozen and the bullets shot by the Eye having not yet reached Syd and David. Lenny, who is shown to be another form of the Devil with Yellow Eyes, reveals that she once knew David's biological father and specifically targeted David. She then shows her control of his mind by locking David away in a corner of his own mind.
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15 marca 2017
10 PM
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