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Legion (2017)  serial

Michael Uppendahl
Plakat z serialu Legion (2017) - Polecam Film
Plakat z serialu Legion (2017) - Polecam Film
Plakat z serialu Legion (2017) - Polecam Film
Plakat z serialu Legion (2017) - Polecam Film
Oglądam serial
Wolę filmy
5.9 (12)
Odcinek 2 (sezon 2)
Chapter 10
W tym odcinku:
David agrees to work with Farouk, and causes a distraction by taking many of the others to the desert while Farouk takes Oliver's body to Division 3, where he believes the last surviving monk of the Migo Order may be hiding—the Migo monks had played a role in hiding Farouk's body. Farouk does not find the monk, but does kill several soldiers and traps Cary Loudermilk within the body of Kerry, the girl who is usually within his body. Members of Division 3 begin to suspect David is working against them. He regrets helping Farouk now that it caused loss of life, and convinces the Loudermilks to further enhance his abilities to try and contact Syd in the future. There she explains that David will kill Farouk within a week, but then a plague will kill all the humans on the planet and Farouk could have helped them stop it. Returning to the present, David confronts Farouk who agrees to no longer kill people in exchange for David's continued cooperation. David tells Syd what he is doing, and she agrees that they should do as her future self says.
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11 kwietnia 2018
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