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Hannibal (2013-2015) serial | Polecam Film

Hannibal (2013-2015)  serial

David Slade
Plakat z serialu Hannibal (2013) - Polecam Film
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7.8 (6)
Odcinek 7 (sezon 2)
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Miriam Lass is brought in to identify the Ripper, but has no memory of her encounter with Dr. Lecter and only vague recollections of being in her underground chamber. When Lecter himself is brought in, Miriam is positive that it is not him. The evidence gathered from the most recent Ripper killings serves to prove that Will's alleged victims were actually the Ripper's, exonerating him of all charges. Graham is released from the asylum and urges Dr. Chilton to share what he knows about Lecter's unusual psychiatric treatment on Graham, by confessing his own psychic driving of Abel Gideon. Graham figures out that Alana and Lecter are together and warns her to stay away from him. He visits with Miriam and tells her about the light therapy used to induce his blackouts. Miriam recalls similar experiences with her captor. He then drops in on Lecter and confronts him with a gun. He says killing Lecter would feel right, but ultimately doesn't. Crawford takes Miriam to Lecter's office and he performs hypnotic regression therapy on her. The last thing she remembers before being captured is the Wound Man illustration. Price and Zeller find one of Lecter's fingerprints on a flower from Sheldon Isley's body, which the team finds hard to think isn't planted given the Ripper's carefulness. Drugs are found in Miriam's blood which were used in both Graham and Gideon's treatments, pointing either to Lecter or Chilton as suspects. Crawford wants them both brought in, but Lecter moves first and frames Chilton by placing Gideon's mutilated body in Chilton's house and murdering the two FBI agents who were to bring Chilton in for questioning, dressing one of them as the Wound Man. Chilton goes to Graham for help, intending to flee the country, but Crawford catches up with him first and brings him into custody. Miriam "remembers" Chilton performing the treatment on her, identifying him as the Ripper. In a moment of rage and confusion, she takes Crawford's gun and shoots him in the face. Graham visits Lecter again and asks to resume his therapy.
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14 maja 2014
12 kwietnia 2014
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