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Hannibal (2013-2015) serial | Polecam Film

Hannibal (2013-2015)  serial

43 min.
David Slade
Plakat z serialu Hannibal (2013) - Polecam Film
Oglądam serial
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7.8 (6)
Odcinek 6 (sezon 2)
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Crawford confronts Graham about setting the orderly Matthew Brown on Lecter, and Graham denies it but tries to make Crawford see that Lecter is the Chesapeake Ripper by explaining to him why he only kills in lots of three or four; he has to eat the meat he takes before it spoils. Graham assures Crawford that if the Ripper is killing again, Lecter will be throwing a dinner party. Sure enough, Lecter soon invites Crawford to a gathering he is hosting. Meanwhile, local city councilor Sheldon Isley is found surgically grafted onto a tree in a parking lot (for which Isley brokered the development deal and in the process destroyed the habitat of some rare songbirds), his chest cavity emptied of all organs except his lungs and stuffed with poisonous flowers. The autopsy reveals a number of Ripper tell-tale signs and that Isley was drowned. Price and Zeller determine from the water in his lungs that he was killed within a fifty-mile radius. Chilton records Abel Gideon confessing to Graham that he was in Lecter's home, but Gideon denies this when questioned by Crawford. Gideon is beaten by a pair of guards and put in the infirmary. Lecter throws his dinner party and Crawford takes a few samples of the food to Price and Zeller to be tested. Alana and Lecter sleep together and Lecter kidnaps Gideon from the infirmary while she is sleeping (helped by a drugged glass of wine). The infirmary guard is killed and strung up with fishing lines. Lecter then cooks and serves Gideon's leg to him as a last meal. Though Price and Zeller do not find any human tissue in the samples of Lecter's food, they do find body materials in the fishing lures used on the infirmary guard from Ripper victims like the judge, James Gray, Miriam Lass, all the way back to Marissa Schur. They also find a piece of rare tree bark, which Crawford traces to an abandoned farmhouse in the initial search area, where he finds Miriam Lass still alive.
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07 maja 2014
05 kwietnia 2014
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