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  (2012)  serial


Lena Dunham
2017-01-14 14:26:34
30 min.
Plakat z serialu Dziewczyny (2012) - Polecam Film
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All Adventurous Women Do
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Hannah receives the results of her STD tests: she has contracted HPV. After an accusatory conversation with Adam about him being the one who infected her, Hannah then comes to the conclusion that Elijah Krantz, her boyfriend in her last two years of college, is the one who infected her. After a discussion with Shoshanna about the issue, Hannah decides to confront Elijah, although she also decides to use that opportunity to reconnect with Elijah sexually, despite the issues which led to their breakup. Hannah learns much more during her meeting with Elijah, that new information which changes the focus of their discussion. Meanwhile, Marnie is feeling more disconnected from Charlie, especially following what she considers a selfish act by Charlie but one which he did for humanistic reasons. She in turn starts to fall for artist Booth Jonathan primarily because he's everything that Charlie is not. And Jessa starts work as a babysitter for the Lavoyt family. She treats the job in a laissez-faire attitude like she treats everything else in life.
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13 sierpnia 2012
30 kwietnia 2012
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