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  (2012)  serial


Lena Dunham
2017-01-14 14:26:34
30 min.
Plakat z serialu Dziewczyny (2012) - Polecam Film
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Vagina Panic
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Marnie has arranged for Jessa to have an abortion at the clinic. Jessa's situation adds an extra level of stress to Marnie and Hannah's post-sex discussions with Charlie and Adam respectively. Marnie does not want to reduce her problems with Charlie as boredom, but she is feeling increasingly sexually and emotionally incompatible with him, especially as he always wants to please her rather than do what pleases him. Hannah becomes worried about what diseases Adam might be bringing into their sexual relationship through the sex he has with others, as she learns he does not always use condoms in those situations, and despite the fact that they always use condoms. As such, Hannah, who is paranoid about getting an STD, especially HIV, wants to get regularly tested. As she, Marnie and Shoshanna will be at the clinic anyway to provide Jessa with emotional support, Hannah figures that is as good a time as any to get her first test done. Jessa doesn't seem to want to deal with the issue of being pregnant. While Marnie, Hannah, and Shoshanna wait for Jessa at the clinic, Shoshanna divulges some information about her own sexual history. Meanwhile, Hannah goes on her first job interview.
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06 sierpnia 2012
22 kwietnia 2012
10:30 PM
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