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Demony da Vinci

  (2013)  serial

Da Vinci's Demons

Michael J. Bassett
2013-04-13 00:00:00
1 godz. 0 min.
Plakat z serialu Demony da Vinci (2013) - Polecam Film
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3.7 (6)
Sezon 3
1 - 
Semper Infidelis
Leonardo and his allies are forced to retreat when the Ottoman Empire storms the city of Otranto. ...(Opis Odcinka)
24 października 2015
9 PM
2 - 
Leonardo and friends have to help survivors escape the city. Vanessa must help the Signori decide the fate of Florence. ...(Opis Odcinka)
31 października 2015
9 PM
3 - 
Modus Operandi
Leo's investigation of a grisly murder threatens to expose the Labyrinth ...(Opis Odcinka)
07 listopada 2015
9 PM
4 - 
The Labrys
Carlos's attempt to program Leonardo into becoming "one" with the Labyrinth leads him to slip into an alternate reality that ...(Opis Odcinka)
14 listopada 2015
9 PM
5 - 
Anima Venator
A paranoid Leonardo becomes shut off from his friends, while an endangered Lucrezia searches for a way to make amends ...(Opis Odcinka)
21 listopada 2015
9 PM
6 - 
Liberum Arbitrium
Riario fights his own inner demons. Leonardo is struggling with his conciousness - is he an enlightened inventor or just ...(Opis Odcinka)
28 listopada 2015
9 PM
7 - 
Alis Volat Propriis
Cities are falling to form the Crusade and Leonardo is seeking for the solution to reverse it. Lorenzo is back ...(Opis Odcinka)
05 grudnia 2015
9 PM
8 - 
La Confessione Della Macchina
While Nico and Zo seek out support for the Crusade from an old foe, Leo is ambushed by the Labyrinth. ...(Opis Odcinka)
12 grudnia 2015
9 PM
9 - 
Angelus Iratissimus
Leo and Sophia struggle to control the mysterious device they've built. Back in Florence, Riario awaits judgment while Lorenzo and ...(Opis Odcinka)
19 grudnia 2015
9 PM
10 - 
Ira Deorum
Following the Ottoman army's ambush on Crusage forces, Leo must put his faith in his friends and in himself if ...(Opis Odcinka)
26 grudnia 2015
9 PM
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