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Czarno to widzę

  (2014)  serial


James Griffiths
2016-07-17 20:15:47
22 min.
Plakat z serialu Czarno to widzę (2014) - Polecam Film
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Odcinek 9 (sezon 2)
Man at Work
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Dre has always looked out for the crew he grew up with, but when his childhood friend Sha comes to stay at the house for a few days, Bow thinks he is taking advantage of Dre's generosity. Meanwhile, Daphne Lido, the now ex-wife of Stevens and Lido's founding partner, gains control of half of the company and wants to start inserting herself in company business. When Daphne starts to question Charlie's work ethic, Dre must decide who he remains loyal to.
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02 grudnia 2015
9:30 PM
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