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Czarno to widzę

  (2014)  serial


James Griffiths
2016-07-17 20:15:47
22 min.
Plakat z serialu Czarno to widzę (2014) - Polecam Film
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Dre thinks Christmas has become commercialized and is all about "stuff," and no one loves "stuff" more than his kids. Pops and Ruby think they have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and come up with a new plan to pare down gifts and spend more time together. The kids don't handle the news well and hope that if they put on their best behavior Dre and Bow will cave in. Meanwhile, Daphne Lido (played by Wanda Sykes), who is single for her first holiday alone, invites herself to the Johnson family home to celebrate with them.
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09 grudnia 2015
9:30 PM
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